Sunday, January 16, 2011

Month 2 :))) GoGeous Tested in Mecca :))) Hajj 8-25 Nov 2010

Salam everyone :))) 

We were in Mecca-Arafah-Mudzalifah-Mina-Madinah from 8-25 Nov 2010 to perform Hajj. Its is a pilgrimage required for all muslims when we are able to do* as required upon us.   Our pilgrimage were wonderful, comes with its own challenges & its awesome !  

We prayed for good health and the wellness of our being so we can perform to complete Hajj ourselves because it's very challenging especially with millions of people from all walks of lives , various races of nationality  from all over the world & the procession of people travelled from Mecca to Mina on foot, bus etc.  The monorail is reserved for the Arabs until further notice, we were told. At the peak of Hajj, there were approx. 3 millions people at the same place at one given time ie: wukuf in Arafah, mabit in Mudzalifah, jamrah in Mina etc

Alhamdullillah we were well. We performed & completed Hajj ourselves. We also walked from Mecca-Mina to & fro 10km one way, everyday from 10 to 12 Zulhijjah (Nafal Awal).To everyone surprise we were well, NOT even a cough which is very rare, those who have been to Mecca can relate because everyone will be sick ie: fever, flu, cough etc..

I realised that one thing we did the others didn't do is taking GOGEOUS.  Infact at the peak of Hajj, we took GOGEOUS twice a day; one in the morning another at night.  Of course, we doa for our health and also believe with effort & goodness of GOGEOUS, we were well...Insya'allah.  Later when friends from Mecca noticed/found out about it & now most of them GoGeous too !  Alhamdullillah.


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